In December 2023, Victoria Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds hosted the beautiful wedding of Ezgi and Eray, welcoming 340 guests into its elegant space. The evening was a testament to what our venue can offer, creating lasting memories with its sophisticated ambiance and top-notch facilities. 

The Space

The couple’s grand entrance set the tone for a night of celebration. Ezgi and Eray, surrounded by friends and family, shared their first dance under the Pavilion’s twinkling ceiling lights—a feature that adds a touch of magic to any event

The Team

Our team worked closely with the couple to bring their vision to life, incorporating a stylish monochrome colour scheme that seamlessly complemented the Pavilion’s grandeur. From the décor to the custom dance floor, every detail was thoughtfully executed. 

A standout moment was the presentation of the three-tier wedding cake. Positioned as a centerpiece, it showcased the Pavilion’s ability to enhance key moments with elegance and style. 

Another highlight was the head table, set under a stunning arbour of flowers. This arrangement not only provided a beautiful focal point but also demonstrated our capability to create personalized and memorable settings for special moments.


‘Everything was so amazing! Thank you and the Showgrounds for everything you all have done, we have had such great feedback about the venue, food and sound system.’- Ezgi Bas


Ezgi and Eray’s wedding is a prime example of the Victoria Pavilion’s versatility and the dedication of our team. We pride ourselves on our meticulous planning and the joy we bring to every event.  

Hosting their wedding was an honour, and we look forward to creating more unforgettable experiences in our venue. 

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